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As we launch the 14th Edition ofThe Light Magazine, I wish to thankAlmighty God for this far he hasbrought us and for continuing to beour shield in our quest for academicexcellence and holistic development.As I join the Orero School asa captain of a team driven byfocus on aiming at nothing butthe best, I commit to excellence,integrity, conducive teaching/learning environment and prudentmanagement of school resources.In 2016 KCSE the school emergedthe best in the County and 3rd in theLake Region by attaining a mean of8.69 despite the humble facilities.I salute my predecessor the lateMr. Peter Owour and the entire 2016team for the achievement and this isthe best honor as he rests in eternalpeace, Amen!Some of the efforts put in place toenhance a comfortable learningenvironment include:• Conforming to GovernmentGuideline of fees of Kshs.53,554/=• Renovating laboratories• Converting’ bathrooms intopermanent structures• Fencing off the boarding area• Completion of the Library andComputer Laboratory• 6th stream at Form 1, 2017• 12 door Pit Latrine (Ongoing)However, the following stillremain as major challenges and allstakeholders’ support is urgentlyrequired to onvert them into reality:• Reliable water supply• Inadequate teaching staff• Modern boarding facilities• Staff quarters• Rugged Games field• Refurbishment of Form 1 blockNB: To The 2017 Candidates.The Lion has woken up and running,it takes great commitment andsacrifice to achieve this year’s targetof 10.2.Lastly, may God continuously givestrength, good health and wisdomto the entire Orero family in ourendeavor to make our school great inall spheres.


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