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The virtue of excellence is stirredwith a radical mentality and tenacityrather than timidity. This I have helddearest in my heart. This virtue canonly be cornered in our minds bythe ferocity with which we decide topursue some of the ideals in life. Sinceour main ideal in school our academicswe as the students of Orero musttherefore put in all our efforts andpower towards academic excellence.As we are in such a competitivecontext, the ideals of the school andsubsequent performance appraisalmust intricately reflect and respondto the stated values which is that of aschool which challenges learners’ soas to achieve academic ,spiritual andsocial potentialwith the viewto create andnurture responsible students. Wemust therefore conduct ourselves withdignity and honor, with self respectand also respect for the school whosegreat name we bear.we must equallysteer all our efforts with power andtenacity so as to ensure our state ofexcellence in school keeping in mindthat achievements of one’s aspirationis one of the greatest feeling a personcould have in life.It is a reality that the transitionto excellence has been gradual andwe as the governing student councilof orero high school have effectivestrategies put in place for in placefor the smooth running of the schoolvis-à-vis’ the various departmentsunder the stewardship of the followingdepartmental heads who by extensionform the council’s executive;Fiddel Castro-Assistant chairpersonEmmanuel Odhiambo – secretaryOscar Odhiambo-prosecutor to thecouncilGreg Oscar Luttah- boarding chairRichard Nyambok-punctualityPascal Otieno-head of orderLewis Owino-health and sanitationKevin Otieno-disciplinarianAmos Rolex –Head of languageJason Lowila –Head of welfareChange being inevitable and with thenew administration in place; full ofvigor and great ideological potentialthen as an institution we are surelymaking for space! Not the sky! No!Mark you there are footprints on themoon already on a different note itwould be a crime if id not pt this torecord: Mr Peter Owour I truly hopethat you are at some safe place. Mayyour soul rest in eternal peace.To end, I’d urge e us to always staytrue to our school’s vision and missionby keeping in mind that tomorrow isanother day as the clocks keeps tickingaway and that time is so precious.Wake up ,to meet the rising sun let’smake it, while the sun is shining rollingstone gathers no moss and if youmove to slow you will pay the costbecause tomorrow…God bless you, God bless ORERO!PEACEOKUMU BRIANSCHOOL PRESIDENTIV WEST

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