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It is another time we shareour in the English departmentprogress with you this year.First and foremost, it isnecessary to remind ourlearners that English is both acore and compulsory subject.In fact, English is the mostdominant business language. Ithas become almost a necessityfor people to speak English ifthey are to enter a global workforce. Research from all overthe word shows that crossborder business communicationis most often conducted inEnglish. Its importance in theglobal market place thereforecannot be understated, learningEnglish really can change yourlifeOur mission at Orero is topromote learning and supporteducation and professionaldevelopment for all students.We work hard to help learnerspursue their dreams of highereducation or getting a good jobin English speaking environmentworldwide. We therefore havea number of activities andprogrammes in place to help ourlearners acquire this languageand to improve their speakingskills. These include clubactivities- celebrate a numberof club activities, which aregeared towards improving theacquisition of English language.For instance, debating activitiesoffer learners platform to useEnglish confidently and alsoboost their confidence in itsuse. Debating activities alsoencourage peer learning as theyare given opportunity to correcton their own common mistakescommitted by their peers. Otherclubs that contribute to theacquisition of the language arepeace and journalism.The department, with thesupport of administration, hasset aside Sundays, between10am-1pm, for studyingEnglish. During this period,the learners are expected tointeract adequately with Englishas a subject.The English department isalso endowed with quality andeffective human resource. Weboast of eight members whoare dedicated and committed.These include:1. Mr. Anangwe Paul2. Mr. Owino John-HOS3. Mr.Oyugi Josephine4. Mr. Akumu Tobias5. Mr. Odach Antony6. Ms. Owino Judith7. Mr. Nyadawa Dan8. Ms. Awuor SharonMr. Akumu is a member ofEnglish Department, OreroBoys

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