Journalism Club


This is a club to behold that every student can directlyappreciate the impact it has had on them as a whole. Just tomention a few, the club has its new anchors who deliver news onthe current affairs to the student body on Mondays and Fridays.The club is divided into two departments; Kiswahili andEnglish. This has enabled it to closely work with the languagedepartment. It has contributed a great deal to the bettermentof the language policy by organizing essay writing competitionsand even organizing forums where students show their oralskills. The club in collaboration with the school administrationhas produce three editors of The Light Magazine, this being oneof them.This activities could not be success without the contributionand co-ordination of:Madam Susan Oginya – MatronChristopher Omogi – ChairpersonFiddel Castro Owino - Asst. ChairpersonJoshua Nzaka – EditorOscar Luttah – Org. Sec.


science the backborn of our society, we value science at all times

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The School Captain

The virtue of excellence is stirredwith a radical mentality and tenacityrather than timidity. This I have helddearest in my heart. This virtue …

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