Orero Scouts Association


Bravo!! The Orero Scouts Association (OSA) Yesit’s we, the Mount Meru patrol. OSA is anassociation just like any other in school setup though with a slight difference in its modeof operationTo start with , the Association has aims thus to develop theyouth at their formative ages so that they become responsiblecitizens through physical, intellectual and spiritual development.It also plays a complementary to the students andeven the school as a whole by responding to different needsof different people.Our mission being to contribute to the development andeducation of the young people to play a constructive rolein the society to create a better world. As law three of thescouts law clearly dictates , A scouts duty is to be useful andhelpful to others, we join hands in the peace building missionensuring we follow , keenly the footsteps of our foundingfather ,Lord Baden PowellOrero scouts association is a group focused indeed andcomprises very dedicated members .We managed the RegionalLevel and equally qualified to proceed to the NationalLevel, though we never moved on due to the unavoidablecircumstances . It wouldn’t be a virtue to forget the administrationparticularly Mr. Principal himself and even to our dearPatron Mr. Elijah , for their continued support.We owe all our achievements to you and the administrationat large. With you came the good performance . we reallyappreciate your sacrifices to see us through .We continue celebratingour diversity. In every way , let us all ride in pride!!!!Follow us on FACEBOOKOrero scouts association(OSA) BY Brian Ating’a , PL (3C)Orero Scouts AssociationJournalism ClubThe club is divided into two departments; Kiswahiliand EnglishOrero Scouts AssociationOur mission being to contribute to the development andeducation of the young peopleOrero scoutsassociation is agroup focusedindeed andcomprisesvery dedicatedmembersWho we are…….>> Clubs & SocitiesJournalism Club, with Patron, Madam SusanScouting CLUB


science the backborn of our society, we value science at all times

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Mathematics club

we are the champions in mathematics in the region

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