Editor In Chief

It is with great pleasure and honour that I take thisopportunity to invite and welcome you in the experience ofour 14th edition of The Light Magazine. This year, it comesagainst a backdrop of a series of events that culminatedinto eyeing the school getting a beautiful posting on thenational academic map.The Magazine, as it has been the custom,provides a forum upon which friends, stakeholdersand the Orero family interact, socialize andengage with a view to informing and showcasingthe substance and fabric of which we are made.To this, and you can take it to the bank, thatyou shall never be disappointed. Furthermore,the magazine has been connected with numerousinformation outside the perimeter of this school. Thesepieces of information are well researched, organized andpresented with a single objective--to satisfy you, ourreader.May I take this opportunity to thank all those whomade this publication a reality--from collection of articles,photos and even interviews. I am greatly humbled by thosewho gave ideas and suggestions that madethis magazine move to the next level. To theadministration and all the stakeholders, thankyou so very much for your invaluable support.Finally, I urge you, our esteemed reader that youshould never hesitate to give you critism where necessary.We promise to take all your suggestions positively and withan open heart.

Thank you and have a blessed year, 2017.Owino, J. O - Editor in Chief


science the backborn of our society, we value science at all times

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Journalism Club

This is a club to behold that every student can directlyappreciate the impact it has had on them as a whole. Just tomention a few, the club has its …

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